Around the World – Jimbaran, Bali

Whoa!  My apologies for the long absence in getting a post up, but sometimes life gets in the way... So, back to our trip.  After Ubud, we headed to Jimbaran to get in some time near the beach.  We took a taxi to get there since Uber doesn't extend its service all the way up to Ubud.  The Le Meridien, where we stayed, was decidedly a couple of steps down in quality from the Uma by Como, but I suppose you should expect something like that when you leave the best hotel/resort you've been to.  At least the pool and [...]

Around the World – Ubud Bali

With our time in Australia over, it was time to move on to the second country on our journey: Indonesia.  Specifically, the island of Bali.  People often ask us what our favorite place on the trip was, and Bali is definitely in the top 2 for both of us.  Every stop had it's high points, [...]

Around the World – Sydney Day 2 and Coogee Beach

View from our hotel in Coogee Beach The second day in Sydney was going to be our last day in Australia before we left for the second country on our trip: Indonesia.  We wanted to get a little time on the beach in, so we headed down to Coogee Beach. Before we left, I [...]

Weekly Roundup – What We’re Reading – 10/30/2015

It's Halloween!  Halloween has been my favorite "holiday" for quite a long time, so we're looking forward to celebrating at a party with friends tonight.  Although, we haven't done a great job of planning our costumes...we still need to get on that. Hope you enjoy Halloween as much as we do! Here's what we've been [...]

Around the World: Sydney Day 1

We arrived in Sydney after our long drive from Canberra and along the Grand Pacific Drive just after dark. If we had it to do again, I think we would have handled the car situation a little bit differently.  We were staying right in the middle of downtown at the Westin, and parking opportunities were a bit limited [...]






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Weekly Roundup – What We’re Reading – 10/16/2015

It's been just over three weeks since we got back from our trip, and life just keeps moving along.  Rebecka's sister just moved to Atlanta, so we've been helping out some with her new place.  The small renovations she was having done to her place took a little longer than expected, so she ended up staying with us for about a week before she could move in. We're also turning our spare bedroom into an [...]

Around the World: Drive from Canberra to Sydney on the Grand Pacific Drive

We had a great time in Canberra hanging out with my brother and his family, but we also wanted to spend some time in Sydney before we left Australia. We had to get there to fly out anyway, and we wanted to spend a couple of days in the city. We originally planned to drive the Grand Pacific Drive from Sydney on the way over to Canberra. However, since we adjusted our itinerary to go [...]

Around the World: Canberra, Australia Day 4

  Our time in Canberra was almost coming to an end, but we took advantage of our last day there to hike through the Molonglo Gorge just outside of the city.  We were again hoping to see some kangaroos, but struck out yet again. Being a geologist, this is one of my brother's favorite places to go.  You can see back in time by looking at the rocks on the sides of the gorge...or something [...]

Weekly Roundup – What We’re Reading – 10/5/2015

We've been dealing with lots of rain lately here in the southeast, but it looks like we may finally be getting some dryer weather soon.  It rained so much in South Carolina on Saturday and Sunday that Rebecka's family's house nearly got flooded.  The water came all the way up to the edges of the porches around the house, and about a foot of water did get into the garage.  The worst of it that [...]

Around the World: Canberra, Australia Days 2-3

After crashing from all of the traveling to get to Australia, we were able to sleep in and catch up a little bit.  We were definitely still jet-lagged, but feeling a bit better and ready to get out and see some of the Canberra area. We had read about the view of Canberra from Mount Ainsley before the trip, so we wanted to go up to the top to see for ourselves.  My brother, Nathan, said [...]

Ramen with Chashu and Ajitsuke Tamago

Adam and I were recently introduced to Pork Chashu at a new Japanese restuarant near us. Wagaya.  We were so happy to find a good Japanese restaurant near us in Midtown.  At first bite, we were hooked.  When I find something I love at a restaurant, I immediately look for recipes.  Luckily, I found a perfect recipe from Serious Eats. Chashu is pork belly that is braised until it melts like butter in your mouth.  I also used the [...]

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